About us

About us

Life is to travel

Who we are

Started as a young online travel platform made by travelers for travelers, Travel-yolo understands, and provides information, guides, itineraries, tips and personal experiences for short getaways, long trips, to travelers and backpackers all around the globe.

Traveling should be all fun, relaxing and about experiencing new things. In order to do that however, you’ll need do to the boring stuffs like planning, and lots of reading, to make your experience a good one. We are here to make that boring stuffs; fun!

Our Motto

No one can tell you the best way to travel. In fact, here at Travel-yolo, we believe that there is no wrong way to travel.

We believe that sharing experiences, and things learned during travel, is invaluable. The different cultures, the people you’ll meet, the exotic, or, out-of-this-world food, seasonal and rare events, are just some of the cool things we share and post about.

Where we’re heading

Through the sharing experiences, we hope to build a warm community, where different people with various different backgrounds, can all come together to have fun and grow together, as well as individually.

We are growing our network, and we welcome guest posts, and sponsored posts.
We are also constantly seeking travelers, bloggers, content writers to share their invaluable experiences, and knowledge with us.

Where to find us

We are excited and look forward to any collaboration opportunities.
Drop us a mail at yolo@travel-yolo.com.

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Feel free to drop your comments via our Feedback Form at our contact us page.

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