Brexit – Was it xenophobic?

Brexit – Was it xenophobic?



UK’s EU referendum.

52% voted to leave.
48% the opposite.

More than 30 million people voted.

Breakdown of votes

Brexit referendum result

The Big Question.

The UK was pretty strong by themselves, and they were never really sold to the whole EU methodology.
If you looked into the history, a referendum was held just 2 years after they joined the Union in 1973, which resulted in a strong favor to stay back then.
Even then, there were multiple evidence that showed that UK was not singing in tune with the EU.

In the recent years however, the tension between them got worse mainly due to the power of control, immigration and currency problems.

Without boring you with more words, below are a few videos if you are interested to find out more.

Was the leave xenophobic?

This answer in Quora, gives a pretty clear picture of what happened after the referendum.
Do note that these few examples are not good representations of the entire UK. But we can clearly see what happens when tension that had been held back for a long is finally released.

Read Andrew Baird's answer to

Is the Leave side of Brexit xenophobic?

on Quora

While the leave was certainly not purely xenophobic, we can deduce to some extend of accuracy is that those who voted leave may not be racist, but those who are racist has a pretty got chance that they voted to leave.

In case you missed it, the British pound took a beating after the vote to leave was in the lead.
British pound after Brexit

Is it a good time to travel to the UK?
Maybe not so as things are in the midst of dust.
But think about it, this event could actually make it more interesting then your usual sightseeing.