Google Destinations – Plan your trip right in the browser

Google Destinations – Plan your trip right in the browser


Google just announced last week a new feature in their search engine they call, Destinations on Google.


To get started, you search for a continent, country or state you’d like to travel then add the word “destination”. Eg “europe destination”

Alternatively, you can search for an activity you’re interested in like “australia surfing”.

Tap “More destination” to view more.

However, that’s about all I can see from my phone. According to Google’s blog, you should be able to view more data with integrated services with Google Flights and Hotel Search. I couldn’t get to the estimated trip price screen either. My guess is this service is not rolled out to all countries. Or that more advanced features are only available in Android?

Are you able to access the full feature?
Please leave a comment below and share if you’re able to view stuffs like the “Flexible Dates”, “Estimated trip price” etc.

The above is tested in Asia, Singapore.