Super Typhoon Nepartak heading to Taiwan

Super Typhoon Nepartak heading to Taiwan


The Taiwanese are preparing to take the Super typhoon Nepartak head on.

According to reports, it may be the strongest landfall for Taiwan in 16 years, with wind speed up to a maximum of 175 MPH.

The Forecast


The red path shows the forecasted path taken by the typhoon. Over a million people may lose power in the event. It is expected to hit Taiwan Friday morning.

Cancelled Flights

More than 100 flights had been cancelled. Schools and offices are also closed on Thursday (July 7) for the Taiwanese to brace the incoming hit.

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Update of footage on 8 July

Update on 9 July

According to report, 17,300 people were evacuated. Over 517,000 suffered power outages.

There were 3 deaths, and 172 injuries reported.

Bullet train services were suspended and over 340 international and 300 domestic flights canceled.

It is a category 5 typhoon, rated by Tropical Storm Risk.

It is weakening, and by the time it hits Fuijian China on Saturday, it should be a tropical storm.