I went Vietnam thrice this year, and I am still not bored of it yet.

When you are flying to HCMC, look out of the window and try spot this sign that I saw!

Why am I not bored of Vietnam?
It is this very 3 reasons why you should give this developing country a chance:

1. You don’t have to break your bank.

2. The Banh Mi and Pho are worth going back for more.

3.  It is more than a messy, wild traffic and foreign land.

For those who never heard anything about Vietnam, here’s a quick crash course,

Super Typhoon Nepartak heading to Taiwan


The Taiwanese are preparing to take the Super typhoon Nepartak head on.

According to reports, it may be the strongest landfall for Taiwan in 16 years, with wind speed up to a maximum of 175 MPH.

Brexit – Was it xenophobic?



UK’s EU referendum.

52% voted to leave.
48% the opposite.

More than 30 million people voted.

Breakdown of votes

Brexit referendum result

Swedish backpacker saves man from train


One of the many good thing about travelers is, they are mostly kind and good hearted. I have not met a single person who travels for the sake of doing bad things, or to see bad things happening. The community is awesome.

Japan Earthquake – 16 Apr 2016



A quake hit Kumamoto prefecture of the southwestern island of Kyushu at 1.25am (1625 GMT Friday) according to US Geological Survey.

The magnitude of 7 has been revised to 7.3 according to source.

Pakistan Park bombing


Another suicide bombing incident, this time in a public park in the Pakistani city Of Lahore. At least 40 were killed.

There is no indication of who’s responsible for the attack.

State of emergency is imposed on hospitals of Lahore.


Updated 28 Mar 23:02.

According to sources, it was an attack carried by a Taliban suicide bomber with Christians as the target.

Death toll had risen to 72 and among them are 29 children.


Brussels airport terror attack


Brussels Airpot hit by terror attack by ISIS (22 March 7am local time).

Round up of the event:

  • At least 31 people have been killed following three explosions at Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station between 8am and 9am local time this morning.
  • Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks and has warned of “harder and more bitter” attacks to come.
  • Belgian media has released pictures of three men they suspect of being behind the airport attacks – two are believed to be dead and one is thought to be on the run.
  • An ISIS flag, a nail bomb and chemicals were found in an anti-terror raid on a property in the Schaerbeek area of Brussels.
  • Searches in Schaerbeek are ongoing tonight – local media reports suggest police were led there by a taxi driver who believes he unwittingly drove the suspected bombers to the airport.
  • The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed at least two Britons were injured in the attacks and warned against all but essential travel to Brussels.

Hearts out to the people out here.

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Google Destinations – Plan your trip right in the browser


Google just announced last week a new feature in their search engine they call, Destinations on Google.


10 things to do in Singapore in 2016


Wondering what’s there to do in Singapore? Continue to check out what are some things that you can do in Singapore in 2016! From catching live actions to chillaxing in the evening, we’ve got you covered.